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Food pairing with Blonde - Short Rib Tacos


Fancy cooking something new in the kitchen, why not try beef short rib tacos cooked with Blonde? Paired perfectly with our light & refreshing ale 🙌.

350g beef short ribs
2 x small brown onions, sliced
6 x garlic cloves, crushed
1tsp tomato purée
2tbsp chipotle chilli paste
250ml Saltaire Blonde
200ml beef stock
1tbsp soft brown sugar
2 bay leaves
2 x mozerella balls
1 x brown onion
Fresh coriander

Heavily salt and sear the short ribs. Do not rush this as it is a key stage in building the flavour profile. Once done, remove from the pan and add the onions & garlic.

Fry until starting to caramelize (10-15 minutes) before adding the tomato purée & chipotle chilli paste. Cook this out for 2-3 minutes.

Add the beer and stock before blending with a stick blender. Add the short ribs back in with the sugar, & bay leaves.

Place a lid partially on the pan and leave on the lowest temp your hob will reach (if using gas you may have to find this past the hottest point of the ring). Leave to gently cook for 6 hours, or until the beef is perfectly tender.

Shred the beef before adding some of the sauce and stirring through. Dip your cooked tortilla in the sauce & place on a preheated medium/hot griddle (a frying pan is fine if you don’t have a griddle). Once the tortilla has achieved some colour, flip & add the mozzarella & shredded beef.

Once the tortilla is well coloured on both ides & the cheese is melted, add a mix of brown onion, diced fresh coriander & lime juice.

Pour your Blonde into a clean pint glass & don’t forget your dip! 🍻

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