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Saltaire Brewery: the rise of our home beer delivery service

April 1st 2020. Another significant day in the life of Saltaire Brewery! It signalled the start of our beer home delivery service, which meant that our range of craft beer could be delivered straight to your door. Fantastic news!

It was an important and necessary step for us. Although we still provided beer to all the usual places - like pubs, bottle shops, supermarkets, for food production, and for export - we hardly ever sold a drop of beer directly to the consumer.  

When we first considered the home beer delivery option, we started taking orders via phone, which very quickly became literally thousands of calls each week!

E-commerce and customer service

We realised quickly that we needed to make the move to an e-commerce website, which eased things, and allowed people to order their beer online. 

“We tested it, we went local, then we went outwards from Bradford, and throughout the UK”, explained Ewen Gordon, Saltaire Brewery managing director.

“We ticked off at each stage that it worked, and that we could achieve it, and the good news is - it’s here to stay.”

As orders increased, a fully integrated e-commerce website was implemented, which meant that although you can still call up and order your beer for delivery over the phone, you can also do it just as quickly and efficiently through our website. 

Beer home delivery progress

Reflecting on the progress of the beer home delivery service, Saltaire Brewery co-owner and director Nick Helliwell also added:

“Our staff were fully behind this from the beginning. In fact, they approached the senior management team and said -  ‘we can do this, we need to start delivering to our customers at home. It’s what they want.’

“The draymen that were delivering to pubs started delivering to the consumer directly instead, and overnight, almost everything changed.”

“We’ve realised that some of our customers enjoy having their beer delivered almost as much as their milk!

“Because of the beer home delivery success, we used it as a springboard to try other things.”

Beer home delivery: it’s as easy as 1,2,3...

There are multiple options available when you order, from a one-off next day delivery, to a subscription model where you are in complete control of the frequency of your order.

If you do think that it’s something for you, and you’d like to subscribe today, we’ll give you an introductory 10% off the regular sale price. 

If you live further afield than our home in Yorkshire, never fear, because our delivery partner DPD will ensure your beer is delivered promptly and in pristine condition. 

If you’re based slightly closer to our brewery our experienced draymen head out on a daily basis - you may have even seen one or two of our vans out at work!

Our complete selection of beers are available online here, where we’re sure that you’ll be able to find one of our delicious brews to match your taste. 

If you have any questions about anything we’ve discussed in this article, or if you have any other beer related queries, then do get in touch with a member of our team today, it would be great to hear from you.

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