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Lager Mixed Case

Lager Mixed Case

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Discover our handpicked selection of lagers in our Lager Mixed Case, including our new release Halo, as well as our classic in style Helles and Pilsner. Pilsner is wonderfully light and refreshing, an authentic lager inspired by old Bohemia, the cradle of this classic style. Helles has been created as a clean, crisp lager in the classic German style. Bright gold in colour, its full body is a perfect balance of delicate hops and malty sweetness. 

Our newest release Halo is a low-calorie, super light lager with under 99 calories per bottle. A certified crowd-pleaser for those looking for an easy to drink lager.

Lager Mixed Case includes:

5 x 500ml Helles 5% ABV

5 x 500ml Pilsner 4% ABV

2 x 330ml Halo 4.5% ABV

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